Winter Sowing Vegetable Seeds for the First Time

Winter Sowing Vegetable Seeds for the First Time

Winter sowing is a gardening technique for starting seeds in the winter, outdoors in containers. It allows for early seed germination and can extend the growing season. Last year, I just planted seeds in Mid-May, and a lot of them didn’t sprout so I had to buy some seedlings. So, this year I decided to try out winter sowing as I am resisting from purchasing grow lights and having to harden seedlings before transplanting. Anywho, here is how I got started.

  1. Gather materials: You’ll need clear plastic containers, seeds, soil, and label markers. I gathered milk and water jugs from my local Buy Nothing group to use.
  2. Prepare the Containers: Since I used jugs, I cut them in partial half, leaving a small hinge so that I could close the container. Also, I cut holes into the tops and bottom of the jugs for water removal. I have also seen people use clean food containers and dollar store food storage containers.
  3. Fill Containers: Fill containers with a soil-less seed starting mix, leaving some room at the top. I purchased Seed Starter from Miracle Gro, but you can also use Potting Soil.
  4. Plant Seeds: Plant seeds according to the package instructions, then add a layer of soil.
  5. Seal container: I closed and wrapped the jugs with duct tape to keep them from opening.
  6. Label containers: Label each container with the name of the vegetable and date of sowing.
  7. Place containers in sunlight: Find a spot in your yard where the containers will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  8. Water and wait: Water the containers thoroughly and wait for the seeds to sprout. Make sure to monitor moisture levels and water as needed.
  9. Transplant: Once the seedlings are big enough, transplant them into your garden or larger containers.

I place the containers on the side of the house as I get decent light there. Pretty good job should I say so myself. The Pupster always has be watching what I’m doing. Shortly after this photo, he did a pretty good sniffing of the containers eager to eat the vegetables inside.

I will move them to a sunnier location as it warms up. I’m hopefully my yield will be better this year so I don’t have to buy seedlings. I will provide updates on the progress as the season continues on. Follow me on @acurlytransition on Instagram. Here are some links about winter sowing if you wish to learn more.

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